Betting Guide

On many occasions, we have thought that the actual recipients of these articles should be the novices, that is, all those people who are starting their adventure in the world of gambling. We have all been, so we must remember the many difficulties that we surely went through at the time.

The purpose we have set ourselves for today’s article is none other than to get a complete guide to guide these newbies to you. Inexperience makes mistakes, but we must avoid repeating it and, above all, that these mistakes lead us to abandon our fondness for sports betting very soon.

The first thing to explain to a novice in the matter is if he knows what a bet is. You may find that a somewhat odd or stupid question, but try asking people who have never bet, and you may find yourself with an incredible answer.

There are two primary factors in a sports bet. On the one hand, there are quotas. In this sense, we recommend that you read our article on the subject. This is the probability that a result is given in the form of a number rather than a percentage. If we divide 100 between the fee, the result is the percentage that the betting house grants you for that result to occur. It’s that simple.

The second important factor is the investment. It’s the amount of money we bet on a specific forecast. To calculate our profits, it is enough to apply this formula: (share x investment) – investment = profits in the case of successes.

Types of bets a rookie can make

The good followers of our articles will already know that we have spoken of many different varieties, with very different characteristics, and with multiple possibilities when betting. Generally speaking, we can talk about three types of BET:

  • Simple: without a doubt, it is the most basic and the most straightforward bet. We’ll make a single forecast, a single investment, and wait for the result to see if we win or not.
  • Combined bets: this is the Union of several single bets. This is the most exciting type of BET as the betting houses multiply the value of the odds they place in these events. Find out more in our” strategy ” section about this topic. They’re more complex to make a profit, but they can make us a lot more.
  • System bets: the degree of complexity continues to rise. In the background, they are almost identical to those combined, but system bets allow for some failure in the selected Event Group. Their quotas are usually lower than those we see in the united.
  • 1×2 bets: this is the most traditional bet. We indicate local victory, tie, or visitor victory with 1, X, and 2, respectively.
  • The double chance bet: allows you to choose two different picks for the same event. In a Football League match, for example, you can bet on a local victory or a draw.
  • Over/under bets: your name in English already gives us a clear idea of what kind of bets these are. What matters here is the number of goals, points that occur at the event we bet on. It is widespread for these bets to appear with decimals in the betting houses and for you to win, you must comply with the specified over or under. For example, if you bet that there will be more than 3.5 goals in a match, you will need to score 4 to win the bet.
  • Bet without a tie: DNB stands for Draw No Bet. The operation of this type of bet is also quite simple. It’s about; if there’s a tie in the event we bet on, you get your money back. Although it might be valid for other sports, the fact is that the most common thing is to find it in football. If, for example, we decide to bet on the victory of Barcelona against Atlético de Madrid, if it happens, we win the bet, if the visitors win, we will have lost, and if there is a tie, they give us back the money.
  • Handicap betting: the most common thing is that a handicap in the form of goals, points, games, sets, or whatever the betting house itself places on one of the opponents to match the event a little.
  • Our regular readers already know that we have dedicated several of our articles to this kind of betting, but still, we are going to offer you the main types of handicap so that you have them well in mind.
  • European handicap: it always offers us three 1×2 bet options. It is probably the least used option for betters, and there is no option of getting your money back in case of error.
  • Asian handicap: we will always have two options to bet on, and there is no chance of a tie. This is the handicap mode that has the most followers, either the most novice or the most experienced gambler. It can appear expressed with decimal numbers or also with integers and sometimes create confusion by believing that it is a European to use. If you are a novice and want to use this type of BET, find out the best with our articles on the subject.