1. Value bet

The value bet strategy is preferred by professional gamblers. In the long run, it’s the most promising option to make money. The aim is to take advantage of operators ‘ experience with the right practice: successful bets are in value situations.

In an accurate betting analysis, the percentage of probability that a result will occur is determined. Where do we find the value? This situation occurs when the odds offered by a betting house reflect a lower probability than the actual odds of that happening. If your prediction is higher than the House of bets score, a forecast will be placed.

  1. Over/Under Bets

The more / less strategy, also known as over/under, is the most played by football fans. The goal is to predict the total number of goals scored (if we are talking about football) or the number of sets played (in the case of a tennis match). And the number of points scored above or below a specific value, in other types of sports.

For example, if we bet less than 2.5 in a football match, we will win our bet if the match ends with a maximum of two goals scored; the results being valid [0-0], [0-1], [1-0], [1-1], [2-0] or [0-2]. If we bet, on the contrary, more than 2.5 total goals, we will win the bet if the match is decided with a score of 3 or more goals in total.

  1. Multiple Bets

The strategy of combining bets is usually the preferred one for occasional players who seek to make a big win with the least possible bet. However, the problem is that a single wrong prognosis will ruin the entire bet. At this point we recommend you to use the best system to ensure the strategy of the combination of bets, if necessary, or to look for a betting house that offers automatically insurance of cashback for certain versions combined.

  1. Draw

The tie strategy benefits from high quotas, consistently above 3.0. It is one of the best tactics to bet on football because if we review the statistics of the teams of any league, we will see that these ties more than we a priori thinking.

The Gambler’s usual idea is to opt for a winning team and think that’s where we can get the most benefit but forget to contemplate one of the results, the draw. For gambling houses, it is much harder to adjust the probability of a tie, precisely because of this we believe that a well-executed strategy can give great long-term benefits.

  1. Past Goals

The sports betting strategy can be completed before the game. However, we believe that the live game is much more promising. Always keep an eye on the course of meetings. If towards the end, you can see that both teams are satisfied with the result, none of the sets will take the maximum risk. Especially in a tie, a bet for the last 15 minutes is usually not worth it. Chances are always better if a team has a goal advantage. All 11 of the disadvantaged equipment shall be used in full to offset the balance. This results in ideal bet options.